Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage Techie Technique

Vintage QR Coding 

Quick Response Code are black and white modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background that can be read by smartphones, putting a barcode reader in everyone's pocket that provides quick access to URL sites such as websites, blogs, contact information and more...

QR code in our little sparrow - vintage style collage for window poster
I came up with this idea to cleverly embody the code in our little sparrow for the display window at our new store in Downtown Elgin IL, in hopes to get our message out to passers by regarding our opening July 2012.  

I thought it would be a cool idea for my friends with stores and booth vendors, so here is how I did it:

It seems like everybody knows somebody with some tech savvy that can make a code to access the desired site.  In my case, it's my husband - my son's could probably do it too.

QR code printed on standard office supply labels

I had some standard office supply self adhesive mailing labels laying around that we printed on two codes per label.  I will cut them in strips that can be peeled off the backing in individual squares for business cards and postcard handouts.

cut, paste and enlarged for small poster application on a vintage book page

First I stuck the smaller, half of the mailing label sticker, on a bird image of an appropriate size for the sticker.  Then I enlarged it on my photo copier so my bird would esthetically fit my vintage book page which I pasted together with glue stick. 

Photocopied onto tag paper to be backed by clear laminate  

Then I photocopied the complete collage on manilla tag board, {So, I could have multiples}.  My finished poster size is 81/2 x 11,which this could be the last step for just a poster, but I want to apply it to the inside of our window facing the downtown sidewalk.

QR poster applied to inside window
I laid the poster backside to the sticky side of clear laminate that is cut  1-2" larger around the edges.  The sticky boarder is then applied to the inside of the window facing out.

Here are a couple other designs I created for variety in the windows and door:

"The Time Has Come QR

Soulful QR


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