Sunday, 22 February 2015

Announcing Judy's Retirement

Judy Walsberg and Mary Pierce met in 2010 when Judy owned Tapestries of Nature in Century Corners of St. Charles. Their common interest in art and vintage style led them down a path as store owners together when they created a co-op in the St. Charles location. Within two years the building they were in was sold and the partnership was born when they relocated to Elgin and named the new shop Soulful Sparrow in June of 2012.

It is with mixed emotions that we say a fond farewell as Judy retires at the end of February 2015. Judy's creative flair and business sensibilities have helped Soulful Sparrow make a mark on the Douglas Avenue shopping district in Downtown Elgin. Her artistic, repurposed, handmade merchandise for sale in the shop has been an added attraction that set the shop apart from any other.

Judy will be taking care of her husband in the final stages of a long term illness. She will continue pursuing the arts and showcasing her creations in selected venues as her schedule will allow. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her.


  1. So sorry to hear of Judy's retirement, but surely can understand her reasons. Sending prayers to her and her husband. I love your unique shop of handmade creations. Will Mary be keeping the shop open or will you be closing?

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