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Sparrow {Re} Locating

Sparrow {Re} Locating

Moving Day

We won't soon forget our friends in Century Corners located on Cedar & 2nd Avenue on the East side of the Fox river in Saint Charles Illinois.  It is such a quant area with lovely shops and good people.

Moving Day 
But, moving day has come and gone...   It was a lot of work and we had so much to move.  Thanks to our friend Mark, who helped make short work of it, we were able to transfer almost everything in one day - then we could concentrate on setting things up at the store in Downtown Elgin Illinois also just east of the Fox river at 10 Douglas Avenue.

 Preparations for the new store

Elgin Main Room Prep
Meanwhile prep work has been going on at the new location in downtown Elgin IL.  We painted the walls and integrated a huge brown chalk board to be the backdrop behind the counter - We'll have fun with that!

Elgin Main Room Prep

...and highlighted the architecture by outlining the walls.

A Gift from above.
This natural element was a gift from above.  When Judy and I were leaving the Sparrow House one windy day, this tree branch fell before our eyes.  We both recognized at that moment that it would be perfect for the store.

Mark - working out the clothing retail space
Behind the main room, we will carry clothing, showcased on clothing racks designed by {Re} Purposing wheels and steering wheels joined by poles from which we will hang and display the new lines clothes that is starting to come in.

New Lines of Clothing

The FLAX Designs line of organic clothing is comfortable 100% linen.  Each garment is sculpted in cloth with enthusiasm, love and perfection into a new definition of "Fun and Comfort"
FLAX Linen clothing is made with rich beautiful lines in a range of weights and colors, from dramatic to demure that appeal to a wide range of tastes and transcends trendiness.
For added convenience FLAX linen garments are preshrunk making them washable, dry able and wears like iron.
Each FLAX garment has an affirmation that will make you feel special everytime you wear it.

Handmade Touches

Handmade Tote
We will also be carrying many handmade items.  Judy created this tote by integrating the store name and logo design.

Vintage Bits & Bobs

Paris Binoculars & Vintage Song

Vintage Illustrated Books
Vintage Garden

Settling in

Chalk Board Wall Backdrop
Things are taking shape and we are excited to begin a new chapter.  Judy and I are in Shropshire England,  June 10 ~ 27 on a the vintage hunt to find wonderful and unusual items for the new store opening June 30, 2012.  We'll share some of our journey in the next blog coming soon.

soulful Sparrow
We hope to see you soon ~ Thanks for following,

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